The Houlong River fertilizes the land of Gongguan Township, and the tunnel Canal which runs through the whole area of Gongguan has acted as a crucial artery of water supply. Along the waterway grow abundant crops as water flows calmly and peacefully through every household. Nurturing the people, the tunnel Canal is where and how the local live their lives. Hence, the name and concept of the project, Riving Room, uses a blend of “river” and “living room”, inviting people to this incredible living room where they can reacquaint themselves with the thousand forms of water. 

後龍溪為公館鄉帶來了肥沃的土地,而貫穿整個公館地區的「穿龍圳」則被視為鄉內水源的重要動脈穿越了家家戶戶,沿著水路踏過的是滿溢的作物,整個圳體不是匆匆流過的; 而是眷養著大夥的,讓人駐足停留而生活著的。因此,此作品以 Riving Room 為名,取 River+ Living Room之意,以「圳河」為「客廳」之設計概念,邀請來到這個重新認識水的千漾姿態的客廳。

專案設計 | 王識源、盛郁庭、羅浚銓

製造 | 羅浚銓、宋非凡、洪維澤、劉羿妡、胡哲禎

結構 | ROSO機器人建造實驗室、原型結構

現場施作與組裝 | 與木製研 


燈光施作 | 丞逸照明

主辦單位 | 客家委員會

策展單位 | 擷果創意

攝影 | 定影影像 FIXER



ROSO is an interdisciplinary research team. The main objective of the laboratory is to use innovative robotics technology and computational design thinking to provide diverse intelligent construction processes and solutions. Through the collision of various emerging technologies, ROSO aims to open up discussions on "the imagination of architecture" and "the possibilities of construction.


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