HUGH okashi bar
3D Printed Furniture

The Freeform bench, bar counter, and pendant lights in this restaurant were 3D printed using a large industrial robot. This project challenges the current method of developing  [....]


Dr.Yen-Son (Paul) Huang Courtyard

Before reaching to the top, there are seven steps that were thought to be seven mental methods to reach success by Dr. Huang. These are not simply guidelines for student [....]


CULTI Pop-up store

The pop-up store is not just an installation art but also a distinctive piece that continues CULTI's consistent philosophy, balancing innovation and artistic expression. [....]


Riving Room
The Taiwan Romantic Route 3

The Houlong River fertilizes the land of Gongguan Township, and the tunnel Canal which runs through the whole area of Gongguan has a crucial artery of water supply. Along [....]


APUJAN-Display Showcase

A brief encounter, with random light and shadow. Using the image of a dandelion to showcase the free and graceful movements of nature, both drifting and staying still, as we dance, intersect,[....]]


Flowing Rhymes
Robotic 3D printed Concrete Furniture

This project challenges the current method of developing a formwork that is used as a mold in concrete building construction. Unlike the standardized formwork system, which either builds the molds on-site or fabricates [....]


Yuejin Lantern Festival

The surface of the installation is made via computational design that looks like the water ripple. The installation is printed by the large robotic arm under the process of additive manufacturing [....]



Mori Future and the Arts exhibition

The basis of Muqarna Mutation is a massive, pre-existing 1.6m wide structural column situated at the center of one of Mori Museum's exhibition rooms. Rather than constructing a muqarnas in [....]



ROSO is an interdisciplinary research team. The main objective of the laboratory is to use innovative robotics technology and computational design thinking to provide diverse intelligent construction processes and solutions. Through the collision of various emerging technologies, ROSO aims to open up discussions on "the imagination of architecture" and "the possibilities of construction.


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