VisualFlow carries on the technical calculus through the computer number, the charming light and shadow when the rice project falls into the water and moves on the surface of the water. At the same time, an industrial robotic arm is designed for large-scale 3D printing and manufacturing, which shows the tiny charm of rice falling into the water. At night, large transparent screens can perform dynamic lighting shows, producing special refraction effects, thus forming a magical light and shadow space.

「目流」是以電腦數位演算技術,將米篩目落入涼水中擾動平靜水面時的迷人光影,透過機械手臂進行大型 3D 列印創造而出,放大米篩目落入湯水中細膩而微小的魅力。透明的巨大裝置在夜晚隨著動態燈光展演,產生特殊的折射效果,形成魔幻的光影空間。

藝術家 | 盛郁庭、王識源

專案設計與製造 | 宋非凡 、 洪維澤、 林哲瑋  、林哲蔚 、 童鵬修 

助理 | 郭豐瑋、 鄭中杰、 李長錦、張展旗  、謝維倫 、 李柚呈

客家文化區策展人| 范承宗 (考工記工作室)

照明設計 | OuDe light 偶得設計

攝影 | 定影影像

作品尺寸 | 3M X 3M X 3M


LIT 照明設計奬 | LIT Lighting Design Awards
燈光藝術獎 | Winners in Light Art Project

金點設計獎 | Golden Pin Design Award



ROSO is an interdisciplinary research team. The main objective of the laboratory is to use innovative robotics technology and computational design thinking to provide diverse intelligent construction processes and solutions. Through the collision of various emerging technologies, ROSO aims to open up discussions on "the imagination of architecture" and "the possibilities of construction.


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