On August 23, 1958, the Communist Party opened fire on Kinmen Island, dropping nearly 40,000 shells in a few hours. Over the next 44 days, the small island was bombarded with 470,000 shells. Decades later, the island transformed from a former military base into a tourist destination rich in war and military heritage. It has also played an essential role in fostering cross-strait peace by facilitating communication between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

The installation aims to showcase the resilience and rebirth of Kinmen. We utilize transparent plastic to 3D print the image of flowers blooming in the Kinmen landscape, scattering them on the beach as if sowing seeds of hope into the soil of history. During the day, the flowers sparkle in the reflected sunlight, while at night, they shimmer under special lighting effects. Alternating between day and night, shining and glimmering, this cycle symbolizes the transient nature of life and the renewed hope that each day brings.



藝術家 | 盛郁庭、王識源、洪維澤、宋非凡

助理 | 張展旗、李柚呈、李長錦、鄭中杰、謝維倫

指導單位 | 金門縣政府觀光處

承辦單位 | 原物創意 OIC

攝影 | ROSO機器人建造實驗室、定影影像 FIXER



ROSO is an interdisciplinary research team. The main objective of the laboratory is to use innovative robotics technology and computational design thinking to provide diverse intelligent construction processes and solutions. Through the collision of various emerging technologies, ROSO aims to open up discussions on "the imagination of architecture" and "the possibilities of construction.


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